“Today’s court ruling declaring the State of New Jersey can no longer deprive same-sex couples the right to marry is a victory for civil rights across America. I applaud Judge Mary Jacobson for sending a clear message to the nation – that no one should be denied the security and benefits of marriage because of who they are, or who they love.

This decision marks another important step in the march toward full equality and justice for all Americans. Those who stand in the way of justice fail to understand something fundamental about the American people: that we are a nation founded on the belief that equality is not a gift to be granted or taken away, but an inexorable part of what makes us human. I thank Lawrence Lustberg and his team from Gibbons PC and Hayley Gorenberg of Lambda Legal for their tireless efforts to bring marriage equality to New Jersey, and our nation. Today’s ruling advances the efforts of New York City’s own Edie Windsor and further underscores the impact of the bravery of Edie and the legal work of Roberta Kaplan.

We will not stop fighting until all Americans are recognized as fully equal.”