Speaker Quinn and Council Member Wills Join Community to Denounce Gun Violence

Jamaica, Queens — Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Council Member Ruben Wills today joined the victims of gun violence and community leaders to honor NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III and the NYPD for their swift apprehension of the suspects wanted in connection with the murder of D’aja Robinson.

Last month, 14-year-old D’aja Robinson was killed after being caught in gang crossfire while riding the Q6 bus in Southeast Queens. In the days following D’aja’s senseless murder, Speaker Quinn and Council Member Wills rallied with religious and community leaders to call for the public’s assistance to help the NYPD catch D’aja’s killer.

After an intent manhunt, 21-year-old Kevin McClinton was arrested last week in connection with the shooting.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of D’aja Robinson, Tayloni Mazyck and all those who have suffered at the hands of gun violence,” said Speaker Christine C. Quinn. “I thank NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III and the NYPD for swiftly apprehending the perpetrators of these senseless acts of violence and the NYPD for their continued work to keep our City safe. As we stand together as a community, we must send a clear message to Congress that now that the time for comprehensive gun control reform.”

The Robinson-Sands family and Robert Mazyck, the father of 11-year old Tayloni Mazyck, who was paralyzed after being shot by a stray bullet in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn earlier this month, joined Speaker Quinn, Council Member Wills, Reverend Richard Hogan of Devine Deliverance Ministries, South Jamaica Cure Violence Program Manager Erica Ford, Fathers Alive in the Hood and families who have lost loved ones to gun violence to thank the NYPD for their successful efforts to apprehend those believed to be responsible for the Queens and Brooklyn shootings and to denounce gun violence in New York City.

“The tragic death of young D’aja Robinson will not be forgotten nor overlooked,” said Council Member Ruben Wills. “We can take momentary solace in knowing that Kevin McClinton the alleged perpetrator has been apprehended. As we continue to support the Robison family in their time of need it is importance that we do not lose sight of the progress we have made to combat violence in our communities. The rapid apprehension of the suspect was due to the hard work of the New City Police Department and the cooperation of the community.”

Today’s event was part of the City Council’s on-going efforts to reduce gun violence in New York City. The City Council has helped fund over $4.8 million dollars in anti-violence initiatives, including the CureViolence program aimed at combating gun violence in high-crime neighborhoods. The May 19th shooting of D’aja Roinson was the first shooting in the South Jamaica CureViolence target area in 255 days.