Council agreement provides funds for new roof at Pier 40, 130 more affordable housing units & additional open space for community

“The Hudson Square area in Manhattan’s West Side has long been a largely under regulated neighborhood putting it at constant risk of change not supported by the community nor this Council,” said Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. “Currently, there are no height restrictions in the district which could lead to unwanted skyscrapers. Additionally, the outdated prohibition of residential development has led to little foot traffic on nights or weekends hurting the neighborhood’s small businesses. To this end, the Council’s Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises and Committee on Land use will vote today to help to preserve much of the neighborhood’s beloved character and commercial foundation while also bringing a desired vitality and more open space to attract new residents and businesses. I want to thank Trinity Real Estate, Community Board 2, all elected officials, and the City Planning Commission for their dedication to ensuring the neighborhood will grow in a way that was in the best interest of the current and future community.”
The Council has made several key modifications to the proposal submitted by the applicant, Trinity Real Estate, which include:

– More Affordable Housing: Modification of the zoning text to allow developers to maximize affordable housing to the fullest extent allowed. This will allow for the creation of approximately 130 new affordable housing units for a total of more than 600.
– Open Space Funding: City Parks Department has committed to prioritize the $5.6 million in mitigation funds required as part of the zoning action, to fix the roof at Pier 40 and to expand services at the Dapalito Center to allow for use of both the indoor and outdoor pools at the same time, among other projects.
Apart from the Land Use actions:
– South Village Historic District: The Council secured a commitment from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to calendar and vote on the next remaining section of the South Village Historic District (Zone 2, the area north of Houston Street) and complete a survey of the final section (Zone 3, the area south of Houston Street) by the end of the year.
– New Recreation Opportunities: The developer has agreed to construct new recreation spaces for community use at the new elementary school site at Duarte Square.
These Council modifications and secured commitments are in addition to the City Planning Commission’s modifications, which will result in:
– Newly allowed residential space including affordable units;
– Protection of Hudson Square’s signature commercial office buildings from demolition or conversion;
– Limited height and bulk in context with the neighborhood;
– The developer will construct a new 444-seat K-5 elementary school at Duarte Square, which will more than meet the needs of new residents to the area;
– Prohibition of hotels with more than 100 rooms without a special permit.
“The zoning modification of Hudson Square is a prime example of how land use policy can positively shape our neighborhoods” said Deputy Majority Leader and Chair of the Land Use Committee Leroy Comrie. “This zoning action not only revitalizes the neighborhood, but does so while preserving the area’s unique character. More affordable housing, open space, community amenities, and retail will be created, while limiting the construction of out-of-context development. I want to congratulate the Speaker, Community Board 2, the Manhattan Borough President, the City Planning Commission, Members of the Committee on Land Use and all the stakeholders that worked together to realize this rezoning.”

“This rezoning will significantly revitalize the Hudson Square neighborhood,” said Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises Chair Mark S. Weprin.

“Community Board 2 is thrilled with the Council’s changes to the Hudson Square plan,” said Community Board 2 Chair David Gruber. “We truly thank Speaker Quinn and the Council for their tireless and seemingly unending efforts to forge a true win/win compromise for the Hudson Square Special Zoning District project. The Speaker’s energy and dedication will result in a new indoor community open space facility plus the preservation and improvement of existing park land and recreation space. We are particularly overjoyed that the agreements secured today also will finally move the Community Board advocated landmarking of the balance of the South Village forward in stages that will result in the preservation of this historic area.”

“I am pleased that a contribution to Pier 40 can be used toward repair of roof, which is necessary to preserve the only major playing fields in the Park,” said State Assemblywoman Deborah J. Glick.

“In November, I recommended conditional approval of the proposed Hudson Square rezoning after securing modifications that will spur the revitalization of this historic neighborhood and meet community concerns,” said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. “The modifications secured by the City Council meet concerns raised by the community board, my office and neighborhood residents. I would like to thank and congratulate Speaker Quinn for her successful negotiation–which increases the amount of affordable housing, creates new recreational opportunities, provides additional funding for pier 40, and landmarks of one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods.”

“I commend Speaker Quinn and the New York City Council for the very significant community benefits they obtained for the Hudson Square area, including an expansion of affordable housing, a new community recreation center and additional funding for recreation opportunities already in the area,” said State Senator Brad Hoylman. “It is particularly noteworthy that through these negotiations, Speaker Quinn has also secured a commitment from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to calendar and vote on the next section of the long-fought for South Village Historic District.”

“The zoning modifications to Hudson Square will revitalize and strengthen this unique neighborhood,” said Congressman Jerry Nadler. “The plan passed by the City Council today will ensure open space, recreation facilities, and affordable housing in Hudson Square, attracting new residents and businesses while protecting the historic character of the neighborhood. Thank you to Speaker Quinn, the City Council, Borough President Stringer, Assemblymember Glick, Community Board 2, and Trinity Church for their thoughtful work on this plan.”