The council will also consider a bill that will allow people to make small campaign contributions via text messages

September 11, 2012, City Hall – Following city-wide reports of voters receiving incorrect polling site information, Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Governmental Operations Committee Chair Gale Brewer are calling on the public to notify the Council about their voter experiences via the Council’s Facebook, Twitter and Website at The feedback will then be used by the Council at the Governmental Operations hearing in October.

The hearing will also consider a package of six bills that will improve voter notification, increase transparency and expand compliance with city voter laws. The series of recommendations were first issued by Citizen’s Union and other good government groups to improve poll site access and operations for New Yorkers.

“We need to encourage as many people to come out and vote,” said Speaker Christie C. Quinn. “It is unacceptable that any voter be discouraged from voting because they are unsure of where to go. The feedback we collect on our social media channels will not only engage New Yorkers in the voting process, it will also help us, as we continue to work with the Board of Elections to streamline the process.”

“I am pleased to partner with Speaker Quinn and engage with the citizens of New York City on Facebook to learn about voter experiences during the September 13 Primary. As the Chair of the City Council Committee on Governmental Operations, I ask all New Yorkers to share their anecdotal voting experiences, positive or negative, so that we can continue to work with the Board of Elections to improve the voting process for future elections,” said Council Member Gale A. Brewer

Lastly, the Council will vote on a bill that will allow people to make small dollar contributions via text messages. The new system will allow more New Yorkers to engage in city politics and make it easier for supporters who want to be involved by donating any amount they chose. President Barack Obama’s campaign announced recently that it will become the first U.S. political campaign to accept small dollar donations via text messages.

The move follows Federal Election Commission opinions issued earlier this summer permitting such donations. Donations are capped at $100, and donors will be charged via their cellphone bill.