Edward Glaeser, Professor of Economics at Harvard University and Director at Taubman Center for State and Local Government:

“Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said that the way to create a world class city was to build world class universities and wait a couple of centuries. Decades of economic research now supports that claim. Human capital is the bedrock of urban success — skills predict population growth, income growth and a more resilient housing market. Universities produce and attract talented people, many of whom contribute enormously to their cities. New York City has often stymied its own success by over-regulating its building — a little more freedom, especially when it allows the growth of a great university and preserves public access to open space — is something to celebrate.”

Rick Bell, Executive Director at AIA New York:

“The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter congratulates Council Member Chin, the Speaker and City Council for their efforts to improve the NYU expansion plan based on feedback offered by the community. As neighbors of NYU on LaGuardia Place, the AIANY is pleased that the revised placement of the LaGuardia and Mercer Buildings will lead to greater public access to the adjacent open space next to these structures. More people will be able to enjoy the well-designed courtyard and play spaces.”

Holly Leicht, Executive Director at New Yorkers for Parks:

“While there’s still work to be done on the open space plan, New Yorkers for Parks is pleased these improved public open spaces will be more accessible and welcoming, serve a broader spectrum of New Yorkers, and be better maintained than the current open spaces.

Tony Juliano, Chairperson & President at Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce:

“NYU is an economic engine that fuels the neighborhood’s economy and contributes greatly to the economic well-being of NYC. The University’s expansion can help the area’s businesses dramatically, if done in the right way. It has been clear from the initial stages of this planning process that NYU wanted to create a plan that balances the University’s needs and those of its neighbors.”

Scott Dwyer, NYU Alumnus and Community Resident:

“I’d like to thank Councilwoman Chin for her significant time and attention to making adjustments to the NYU plan that reflect the needs of both the local community and NYU. This modified plan for the Greenwich Village superblocks offers many benefits to the local community – including modern, more accessible green spaces – while enabling NYU to continue providing world-class education and research that improves our community and others around the globe.”