“The Supreme Court is absolutely right to block three key components of Arizona’s “Safe Neighborhoods Act”. SB1070 targets immigrants and forces those who are stopped to prove their citizenship. Arizona’s attempt at establishing its version of immigration martial law was an intentional departure from our country’s established laws. Arizona’s rogue actions were today rightly proven unconstitutional.”

“While I am pleased with this part of the court’s decision, I also regret that they did not strike down against a fourth provision that authorizes officers to verify an individual’s immigration status.”

“The ‘show me your papers’ provision undermines the ideals that America was founded on and what we as a nation should continue to instill in our communities – the welcome and support of every person who comes to this nation in search of the American dream. When that most basic of American principles is threatened, we weaken the foundation of everything that makes our country strong, successful and great.”

“We will continue in our efforts to fight this law and any others that take such a biased approach to law enforcement and only seek to target and alienate America’s immigrant groups.”

Statement by Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito:
“While we are relieved that the Supreme Court has struck down key components of SB 1070, this decision still upholds one of the most dangerous parts of this anti-immigrant law. By allowing police in Arizona to check the immigration status of anyone they detain, a climate of fear will be created in communities across Arizona, as well as other states that have adopted similar laws. Immigrants and non-immigrants alike will unfortunately be subjected to additional harassment by police based on the color of their skin. It is my hope that this final provision will be struck down once the law goes into implementation. I thank President Obama for taking such a prominent role in challenging this law and urge the administration’s continued vigilance over its implementation.”

Statement by Daniel Dromm, Chair of the Committee on Immigration:
“While laudably ruling against most of Arizona’s draconian statute, the Supreme Court unfortunately let stand the key provision allowing state law enforcement officers to determine the immigration status of individuals they stop. This ruling will not prevent the racial profiling that has concerned so many immigration and civil rights activists here in New York and across the country. I hope the Obama Administration will take the lead in challenging the discriminatory impact of the law as it remains. This decision and the problem it leaves unaddressed—how this country will deal with conflicting state immigration laws—show the dire need for comprehensive immigration reform.”