“Today’s immigration policy change by the Obama Administration signals an important turning point in our Nation’s history for the nearly 400,000 undocumented immigrant youth here in New York, many of whom call New York City their home. This decision is also particularly timely in light of the 30th anniversary of Plyler v. Doe, which gave undocumented immigrants the right to an education.”

“Our young immigrants have faced insurmountable obstacles in their pursuit of an education, happiness and the American dream. Under this new policy, they will have a path to the lives they have dreamed of and be able to contribute to our city, state and nation without the fear of being deported. The benefits are clear. These young people have a strong work ethic and the desire to improve their lives and positively contribute to our society. Also, immigrant youth play a vital role in the economic and cultural growth of our society at large.”

“I want to thank the Obama administration for their continuous effort in recognizing the tremendous contributions our immigrants provide to this country.”

Statement by Daniel Dromm, Chair of the Council’s Committee on Immigration:
“I applaud the president’s decision to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits and be immune to deportation under his new policy. While not offering citizenship, the President’s action is a huge step in the right direction toward the humane and just treatment of our immigrant communities. More work remains to be done and I continue to urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act itself.”

Statement by Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito:
“Today’s announcement marks an incredible step forward in the fight for justice for immigrant youth and families. I thank the President for taking action to ease the plight of some of our nation’s DREAMers and ensure that when these young people find themselves in deportation proceedings they are not sent back to countries that they barely know. My hope is that this new administrative policy change serves as another step toward passage of the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform for all of the millions of undocumented families living in the U.S. Congratulations to all of the young people and immigration advocates whose tireless work made this victory possible.”

Statement by Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez:
“I am very pleased to hear President Obama’s decision to take this historic step towards ensuring that DREAMERS throughout this country will have the opportunity to legally gain employment and continue to strive towards their dreams. This is only the beginning to much needed immigration reform in this country and the willingness of the Obama Administration to recognize that immigrants make up an important part of the fabric of what is America is truly monumental. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the federal, state and local government to advocate for the rights of undocumented individuals who deserve an opportunity to receive an education and gain employment. Congratulations to all the DREAMERS, advocates and officials who have played an important role in shaping this moment, we have a lot more work to do.”