Read the letter from Commissioner Kelly to Speaker Quinn

“This morning, I received a reply from Commissioner Kelly detailing actions the NYPD is taking in response to my letter and calls from others seeking reforms to stop and frisk procedures. The Commissioner has announced changes to officer training, monitoring, supervision, transparency, and accountability.

“With these actions today, Commissioner Kelly and the NYPD are taking an important step forward however, more must be done to significantly reduce the number of stops and to bridge the divide between the NYPD and the communities they serve.

“I want to thank Commissioner Kelly for giving time and attention to my recommendations. Specifically, the Executive Officers of each precinct will now be personally responsible for monitoring the stop, question and frisk activities of their commands, and the Precinct Commander will be held accountable at weekly Compstat meetings. The NYPD will establish an early warning system to identify officers who have received public complaints and are in need of additional training. In addition, the Department is reforming its training on stop, question and frisk with increased focus on the newest members of the force, and republishing its order that prohibits racial profiling.

“These reforms build on the recent agreement by the NYPD to allow the Civilian Complaint Review Board to prosecute its own cases of alleged police misconduct.

“These improvements are significant yet more must be done including but not limited to:

• Ensuring that all relevant members of the department receive this new training as quickly as possible;
• Expanding the early warning system metric to include information from lawsuits;
• Ensuring the Executive Officer will do more than simply audit stop and frisk worksheets.

“The NYPD, the Mayor, and the City Council have more work to do to ensure that all stop and frisks are appropriate. I know that we can both keep crime at these historic lows and protect the civil rights of all New Yorkers. That must be our commitment to the people of New York City.”