“We applaud Governor Cuomo’s decision to temporarily suspend New York’s agreement to participate in the Secure Communities program as it undergoes review. The Governor has demonstrated true leadership in hearing the concerns that have been expressed and taking action.

“We are confident that this review process will prove what we have been saying all along: that the singular goal of the Secure Communities (S-COMM) program is to deport as many immigrants as possible, without regard to their criminal records or whether or not they actually pose a threat to society. New York State — home to millions of immigrants — should not be a willing participant in a program that will only serve to separate thousands more of our immigrant families each year and deprive residents of our state of their basic due process rights, while doing virtually nothing to protect public safety. In fact, by engendering mistrust between immigrants and the police, S-COMM would actually make our communities less safe. In a time of limited resources, our local police departments should be focused on fighting serious crimes rather than facilitating the deportation of individuals without criminal backgrounds.

“We again thank Governor Cuomo and stand ready to work with him as this review process goes forward to ensure that New York State’s agreement with ICE is fully rescinded.”