“Tonight we learned that the Bronx District Attorney has dropped charges against three of the eleven gang members arrested in a heinous anti-LGBT hate crime. While I have a great deal of respect for DA Johnson, I am both shocked and profoundly disappointed by his decision. It is a decision that was made before all testimony was gathered and before grand jury proceedings occurred.
“The Bronx attack was the worst hate crime to hit our city in recent memory. It is also just one in a series of such attacks on the LGBT community in recent weeks. To make no attempt to prosecute these individuals sends a terrible message to our community and to all New Yorkers.
“Whether to acquit some of the accused is a decision that should be left to a jury after hearing all relevant arguments. To prematurely release individuals accused of such horrific crimes does not demonstrate a willingness to use every available tool to make sure justice is served. I urge DA Johnson to aggressively prosecute the remaining suspects, and to add the additional charge of hate crime to all suspects, including the one that was charged today.”