City Hall, June 10, 2010 – City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, along with Council Members Pete Vallone, Jr, Ydanis Rodriguez, Jimmy Vacca and other Council Members gathered today to invite all New Yorkers to honor Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday by making a commitment to volunteer in our communities. She also called on New Yorkers to light up their homes and businesses in honor of the inspiring woman. Also joining the Speaker was Diahanne Billing- Burford, Chief Service Officer for NYC Service, the city’s volunteer agency.

This announcement comes after the final decision made by the owners of the Empire State Building that they will not light the building to honor the legacy of Mother Teresa and her work in the city and around the world.

“The Empire State Building can go ahead and light their building however they want, I’m putting a light in my window for Mother Teresa,” said City Council Speaker Christine C Quinn. “The Empire State Building does not have final say on how Mother Teresa’s life should be honored. That’s why we in the Council are inviting all New Yorkers on August 26th, light up their own windows, homes, businesses in blue and white as a tribute to her. If you can’t light up your home then we ask that you take part of that morning, afternoon, or evening and give back to those who are less fortunate. We ask that New Yorkers consider spending some time that day volunteering at a soup kitchen, mentor a young person, visit a senior center or sign up at the City’s volunteer website where you’ll find many, many places in NYC where you can participate. Lighting up the Empire State Building as a tribute to her would be great. But honoring such an inspiring woman does not have to be limited to a single building.”

For more information on how to volunteer in New York City, go to Click on ‘Action Center’ and you’ll be directed where to sign up to volunteer.