Today’s proposal underscores the potentially devastating impact fiscal decisions in Albany could have on our City. We depend on Albany for our fair share of support, and in the current economic climate state funding becomes all the more crucial. The loss of $1.3 billion in state funds could mean the loss of tens of thousands of city jobs and devastating service cuts. We cannot – and will not – standby and allow this to happen.

This Council remains fully committed to reaching a budget that is responsible, balanced and fair. As we continue to respond to the economic crisis, we will make every effort to find ways of generating revenue and seek out additional savings for the city. The Council proposed a number of alternative cuts last year that the administration adopted, and we will continue to examine additional possibilities for this year.

The Council has worked tirelessly throughout the past year to assist New Yorkers through the financial crisis, with a particular focus on keeping core services in place as the city continues to recover from the economic downturn. This work will not stop.

Today’s budgetary proposals will be fully examined and debated. Council budget hearings are scheduled to begin the week of March 8th.

Domenic M. Recchia Jr., Chair of the Council’s Finance Committee, stated:

This is only the beginning of the budget process. We’re going to review the mayor’s budget proposals extensively once the Council’s hearings begin in March and see what alternative cuts the City can make in order to protect our welfare and minimize job loss. The most important thing for us to do right now to impress upon Albany how important it is to avoid the types of devastating cuts they’ve proposed for New York City.