Calls for human rights law charges to be brought against biased cab driver, Works with TLC to revoke license

City Hall – City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn is taking action against a cab driver who kicked two men out for being openly gay. Speaker Quinn today spoke with both the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) about the matter and is committed to working with both agencies in assuring the swiftest, strongest action is taken in response to this biased refusal of service.

“An act born out of such hate and prejudice towards any community is an act we will not tolerate anywhere in our communities, on our streets or even in our cabs,” said Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. “If what the report alleges is true, immediate action needs to be taken. Our laws exist to protect all New Yorkers, including our very clear and strong Human Rights Law. People have every right to openly be who they are, and cannot be threatened or intimidated in anyway for doing so. We will take swift and decisive action on this matter and show that we are truly a City where diversity is our greatest strength.”

Quinn has received assurances from TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus that he will immediately begin the appropriate due process for revoking the driver’s license. Additionally, Commissioner Daus and Quinn are working with Human Rights Commissioner Patricia Gatling in pursuing formal charges within the city’s human rights law. Specifically, they are charging that the two passengers were denied rightful public accommodation, which is provided for in the human rights law.

As was reported in today’s Post, a gay male couple hailed a cab on 13th Street and 1st Avenue on Monday. When the driver, Medhat Mohamed, saw the two men showing affection in the back seat, he pulled over and demanded both men exit his car.