“New Yorkers from every borough and every income level depend on their local post office for a number of key services. The potential closure of as many as fourteen post office locations in New York City would be problematic for many communities. But it would be especially damaging to seniors, working New Yorkers, and other groups that have been hardest hit by the current recession. And it would disproportionately affect neighborhoods in Manhattan and the Bronx.

“Congress has already taken some key steps to provide operating funds that could save these and other post office locations around the country from being shuttered. I urge the US Postal Service to use this funding to prevent as many closures as possible. I also urge Congress to act quickly on additional legislation to ensure that communities have a real voice in discussions about any future closures.

“I have seen first hand the effects of this proposal in my own district, which currently faces three closures itself. Residents of my district feel that these decisions were made without any real notice or consultation. All New Yorkers deserve access to essential government services like the US Post Office, and I urge Congress to quickly pass this important legislation.”