Speaker Quinn, MOUSE and Fordham University Release Report on MOUSE Squad Student Performance

May 8, 2009, New York, NY – Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Education Committee Chair Robert Jackson and Technology Committee Chair Gale Brewer today joined with MOUSE to release a report on the performance of the citywide technology in education program “MOUSE Squad.” The study was conducted over the course of three years by Fordham University and evaluates the impact of the technology education program in New York City schools.

Students who have participated in the program were on hand at today’s press conference, as well as Carole Wacey, Executive Director of MOUSE; Ryan Brack, NYC Department of Education, Chief of Staff for the Office of Public & Community Affairs; Brian Ellner, NYC Department of Education, Senior Counsel to the Chancellor; and Linda Correnti, Principal, ACCESS.

The report, titled “MOUSE Squad Program: Implementation and Outcomes,” found that students who participated in the program are more likely to attend school, improve academic, technology and leadership skills, and are better prepared for future college and career opportunities.

“MOUSE Squad has proven time and again that students who graduate after participating are more equipped for the next stage in their lives, especially in today’s vast information technology word,” said Speaker Christine C. Quinn, “This report illustrates how invaluable this program is for helping students reach their greatest potential.”

“I am always impressed when I visit a MOUSE Squad in action,” said Education Committee Chair Robert Jackson, “It’s great to learn that the positive energy I’ve observed has been confirmed by a formal study.”

“The experiences that MOUSE provides its participants helps ensure that high school graduates are prepared for good jobs during the summer and in their future careers,” said Technology Committee Chair Gale Brewer, “I have seen first hand the peer technology support that MOUSE participants give to fellow students in high school. In addition, MOUSE’s unique emphasis on technology training as well as communication and professional development helps guarantee higher achievement while in high school and in college. I congratulate MOUSE on its success, and look forward to continue our partnership in closing the digital divide in New York City.”

MOUSE Squad prepares and supports students in establishing and managing leading edge technical support help desks in their schools. MOUSE Squad improves a school’s ability to use technology to enhance learning, while also providing a powerful, hands-on 21st century learning experience for students.

MOUSE offers two additional programs:

· MOUSE Corps, a career readiness program for high school students, providing professional internships, mentoring and skills building workshops

· MOUSE TechSource, focuses on research, evaluation and continuous program improvement

“MOUSE is providing opportunities for students to improve their technical knowledge and to develop essential 21st century skills,” said Carole Wacey, Executive Director of MOUSE, “We are pleased to announce the results of the Fordham University study which confirm the impact of MOUSE programs on the most significant issues facing public schools today.”

“Our MOUSE Squad students have acquired a wealth of technical information and a rich skill set through this experience,” said Linda Correnti, Principal, Access. “They are a peer group of individuals who embody the behaviors and collaborate structures of a successful team. The MOUSE Squad is our ever-ready corps of “go to” personnel—very few students have the opportunity to save the day for their teachers, administrators, and peers.”

The Fordham University study surveyed public school faculty and students throughout the city. The report details 96% of principals and 91% of students surveyed said MOUSE Squad opened up career and job opportunities. 96% surveyed said the program helped them to find ways to achieve their goals, and 99% surveyed the MOUSE skills they improved their problem solving skills.


MOUSE is an innovative youth development organization that prepares underserved students to provide technical support in their schools, helping them to develop essential 21st century skills and empowering them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Founded in New York City in 1997, MOUSE is a dynamic and successful nonprofit organization with national programs in five states, including New York, California, Illinois, Texas and Connecticut, as well as a global presence in more than 50 countries.