Today we take another giant step towards full equality in New York State. Again, I acclaim Governor Paterson for demonstrating his continued, great leadership in the fight for marriage equality. I stand with him today, together with other supportive elected leaders, to call on all state legislators to come and stand with us, and bring marriage equality to same-sex couples in New York State.

As evidenced by recent victories in Vermont and Iowa, the cause of full equality is continuing to gain momentum across our nation. New York State has both an opportunity and an obligation to be at the forefront of that movement. We cannot afford to stand by while so many same sex couples are denied full rights under the law.

Now the hard work begins. I urge New Yorkers to join me in contacting their State Senators and Assembly Members. Let’s send a message that the time for marriage equality in our state is now. We are going to have to roll up our sleeves and fight for every vote in both houses of the Legislature. But I am very optimistic that our legislators will recognize that New Yorkers must not be left behind on the march to equality.