Today I was proud to join Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness in announcing an investment of $30 million in the North of Ireland from the New York State Pension Fund. It’s one of the most important things we can do to help the new government in the North of Ireland to grow their economy, and to create jobs and opportunity for all their citizens.

But equally importantly, it sends a message that we here in New York believe in the peace process and in the future of their country. And with this investment we are saying that we believe in their potential to thrive, and that we want to tie our success to their success.

In recent weeks we have seen acts of violence in the North of Ireland, perpetrated by a small number of individuals who seek to undo years of progress. But we stand with the people of the North of Ireland in saying that the path to peace is irreversible. Every step taken on that path lays a stone that cannot be removed. And with this investment, we hope to help pave that road even further towards lasting peace and justice.