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District 4

Keith Powers

Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, Central Park South, Midtown East, Times Square, Koreatown, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, Waterside Plaza, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Sutton Place

September 5, 2019

“Today’s hearing is a reminder of the urgent need to close Rikers Island.

As Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, I know how imperative it is that we do this right. With this plan and process, we can do more than site locations, but can make transformative reforms that change people’s lives.

Following today’s hearing, the administration should provide a clearer roadmap for planned criminal justice reforms that encompass programming and safety, as well as provide details about the overall timeline.

The time to close Rikers is now. I want to thank my colleagues, including Chairs Adams and Salamanca, for the opportunity to testify today, as well as Council Members Ayala, Chin, Koslowitz, and Levin.”