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District 11

Eric Dinowitz

Bedford Park, Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Van Cortlandt Village, Wakefield, Woodlawn


BRONX, NY – The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) held a preliminary vote on whether to extend a rent freeze or enact a two percent raise. A final decision will be made on June 23, 2021 which would affect more than one million regulated units in our city.

Council Member Eric Dinowitz, representing the North Bronx, directed a letter to the RGB calling for a continued rent freeze. In his letter, the Council Member said: 

“The pandemic revealed how vulnerable we are to unforeseen tragedies. The pain, uncertainty, and loss was widespread. At this point, New Yorkers cannot afford to lose any more.

“Unemployment is still three times what it was in pre-pandemic levels. Despite moratoriums, almost 49,000 eviction cases are still being filed in New York City Housing Court and it continues to rise. Most cases come from largely Black and Latino neighborhoods in the city that were hit hardest by the pandemic.

“As thousands of New Yorkers continue to struggle with the effects of Covid-19, not just on their personal but their financial well-being, it is vital for the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) to continue to freeze rent increases on our stabilized housing market. Despite an eviction moratorium passed by the state legislature, the damage of losing one’s job or loved ones, and the mental, emotional, and physical trauma they face, continues to loom. We must do all we can to support them from an economy that is suffering.

Even a minor increase would put an added burden on many family households who are still navigating how they will recover from the pandemic. We cannot overlook that this does not affect just a tiny fraction of New Yorkers. This will affect more than one million families and homes.

The stresses of worrying about putting a roof over one’s head, in addition to the financial toll many New Yorkers have because of the pandemic, should lead the RGB to determine, on June 23, 2021, that a zero percent increase at this time is warranted.”