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District 11

Eric Dinowitz

Bedford Park, Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Van Cortlandt Village, Wakefield, Woodlawn

The pair of legislators had advocated for pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection following a fatal crash between a bus and pedestrian.


January 7, 2022                                                                                                                                    

BRONX, NY – The NYC Department of Transportation has approved a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of Kappock Street and Johnson Avenue. This decision follows months of advocacy from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Council Member Eric Dinowitz, and community residents for pedestrian safety improvements after local resident Ruth Mullen was fatally struck by a turning bus while she crossed the street at night. DOT has already made several changes to the intersection following the collision, including the relocation of a street light, the addition of a second luminaire to the relocated light post, the addition of left-turn delineators, and re-painting of the crosswalk markings.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and Council Member Dinowitz issued the following joint statement in reaction to this decision from the NYC Department of Transportation:

“A new traffic signal will not bring back our neighbor, Ruth Mullen, but it will hopefully prevent future tragedies from occurring from the moment it is installed. Kappock Street and Johnson Avenue has been a chronic problem spot for vehicles that roll through stop signs, frequently ignoring the presence of pedestrians. A traffic signal should significantly increase the number of vehicles that come to a complete stop at this intersection, which in turn should make this a safer place for people to walk. This traffic signal is a great example of how our neighborhoods are safer when community members and elected officials work together and speak out as one voice. Walkable communities are livable communities, and we will continue to fight for pedestrian safety improvements wherever they are needed.”