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District 42

Chris Banks

East New York, Spring Creek-Starrett City, Brownsville, East Flatbush, Remsen Village, Canarsie

Chris Banks represents the 42nd Council District which includes the communities of East New York, Starrett City, Brownsville, Canarsie, Remsen Village, and East Flatbush.  He is a lifelong Brooklyn resident who was born and raised in the neighborhood of East New York.

The son of an immigrant mother from Trinidad and Tobago and a hardworking father from Houston Texas, Chris grew up in an entrepreneurial and labor focused household, where he learned the virtues of hard work, collaboration, and respect for others.

As a true community public servant, Chris has always believed in giving back to the community that raised him.  From his first job at the local Police Athletic League as an education group leader and adolescent coordinator, to running after school and summer youth programs for the East New York Local Development Corporation, providing services to hundreds of area youth, Chris has always centered his work around strengthening his community.

Seeing the community through a grassroots lens, Chris believes conditions could be made better by building community-based power through partnership and collaboration while identifying ways to amplify the voices of the traditionally unheard.  It has always been Chris’ philosophy that strong advocacy is essential when fighting for the needs of the community.