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District 28

Adrienne E. Adams

South Ozone Park, Jamaica, South Jamaica, Baisley Park, Springfield Gardens (North)-Rochdale Village, Springfield Gardens (South)-Brookville

Adrienne Eadie Adams is the Speaker of the New York City Council. Elected in January 2022 by her colleagues, she leads the most diverse and the first women-majority Council in New York City history as the first-ever African American Speaker. Elected to the City Council in November 2017, she is also the first woman to represent District 28, which encompasses the Queens neighborhoods of Jamaica, Richmond Hill, Rochdale Village, and South Ozone Park.

Under the leadership of Speaker Adams, the Council has been tackling long-standing inequities. She led the lawmaking body to advance women’s health by passing legislative packages to address persistent racial disparities in maternal health and expand access to abortion and reproductive healthcare. The Council, under Speaker Adams’ leadership, also directed the largest amount of municipal funding of any city in the nation to support direct access to abortion healthcare for those without an ability to pay.

Speaker Adams has expanded support for crime victims in communities that experience high levels of violence but are underserved by traditional victim services. She created a new $5.1 million budget initiative to fund community safety and victim services at the neighborhood level, and secured funding to establish New York State’s first four Trauma Recovery Centers.