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District 10

Carmen De La Rosa

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Carmen De La Rosa emigrated from the Dominican Republic as a child and grew up in Inwood where she has lived her entire life. Her advocacy and passion for justice are deeply influenced by her roots. She has listened and advocated for the most vulnerable, even before she started her career in government.

In November 2016, Carmen was elected to represent her community as the State Assembly Member of the 72nd District. Since her first day in office, Carmen has fought against racism, xenophobia and economic injustice.

As a progressive Democrat, Carmen has fought for criminal justice reform, workers’ rights, truly affordable housing and protections for tenants, climate justice, taxing the wealthy, LGBTIA rights, and many other consequential social justice policies.

She successfully negotiated and passed the New York State DREAM ACT and the first in the nation Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) at $2.1 Billion. As the member of the Assembly representing the district with the highest number of rent-stabilized apartments, Carmen actively participated in passing the strongest tenant protection laws in a generation.

On June 22nd, 2021, Carmen was victorious in the Democratic primary and subsequently won the general election on November 2nd, becoming the first Dominican woman elected to represent District 10 at City Hall.