District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Representing the 10th Council District that includes the neighborhoods of Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill is literally no other greater champion for our community, our voice. These neighborhoods filled with hardworking residents continuously strive to maintain a robust and authentic identity of multicultural, working class community. However, the city’s aggressive transformation has inadvertently imperiled the district’s position as an ethnic enclave of working class filled with immigrants. It is, ergo, imperative that District 10 synchronizes their wealth of opportunities and growth potential into actionable plans. Ydanis recognizes this unique, and yet, powerful position of the district. He wholeheartedly believes and knows the district can seize the future by pioneering the cultivation of a technological and health hub. He envisions District 10 developing into a conglomeration of advancement, diversity, and empowered community through private-public partnerships infused with mixed use of resources. Given the recent accomplishments – both city and municipal wide – Council Member Rodriguez, we can confidently trust and know District 10 is, indeed, bound to actualizing this reality.

District 10 would not be the way it is without its main visionary crusader and incomparable public servant: Ydanis Rodriguez. Ydanis has championed progressive agendas within transportation, education, economic development, affordable housing, healthcare, and environmental protection to ensure that all working and low-income families, newcomers and youth have a fair chance of breaking into the middle class and beyond. READ MORE