January 19, 2023 by Michelle Ross

NEW YORK (PIX11) – A new bill would require the NYPD to host gun buyback programs more frequently throughout the five boroughs with the monetary reward coming out of the department’s budget.

New York City Council members Carlina Rivera and Rafael Salamanca Jr. introduced the new legislation on Thursday.

“This gun buyback program is, I think, one part of what could be a really successful multi-pronged effort to reduce gun violence,” Rivera said.

Rivera said December was the first time in ten years that her district, District 2, had a gun buyback event.Ex-NYPD union president pleads guilty to wire fraud

Under the bill, the NYPD would have to host the gun buyback programs every month in every borough.

“We need to really think out of the box to see how we can address gun violence in our communities,” Salamanca Jr. said.

Rewards in the past have been around $200. Sometimes, even an iPad was offered instead of money, but the legislation hasn’t yet established how much the reward would be.

Those in possession of a gun may return a working or nonworking unloaded gun and it’ll be accepted with no questions asked.Student, 13, busted with revolver and fake gun at Bronx school: NYPD

Parts of guns would also be accepted to target the use of ghost guns.

“There may be someone that has a piece of a gun that they may try to sell on Amazon that will complete putting a gun together, so why not try to take that piece of equipment that could create a firearm off of the streets as well?” Salamanca Jr. said.

“We’re coming together because guns continue to devastate our communities here in our neighborhoods at schools, at churches, places where people should feel safe,” Rivera added.

The bill also aims to bring further education around the campaign so more individuals in possession of guns are aware of the program.

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