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Dear New Yorker,

As I approach the end of my tenure as Speaker of the New York City Council, I reflect upon the efforts that my colleagues and I have made to make this City stronger.

In times of national turbulence, New Yorkers will necessarily turn to their local government. In 2017, the Council put extra intention and effort into strengthening our municipal infrastructure and social services to create an enduring City that can withstand challenges in the face of federal aggression and uncertainty.

In 2017, we worked to implement policies that would create a more just New York City for all. We implemented sweeping changes to the criminal justice system, with a focus on improving conditions for those already entangled in the system, and those most in danger of being dragged into it. We fought to keep families together by utilizing all the tools at our disposal to ensure justice for immigrants. We updated laws and expanded regulations to expand environmental justice for all, in order to create a City that is healthier, safer, and more livable. We have also worked to ensure the sustainability of the City on multiple levels, from financial stability to quality of life policies that encourage prosperity and harmony.

Throughout this year, we have rightfully positioned New York as a model for other places. As our constituents often inform us, the City serves as a beacon of hope for the hopeless – this is no accident, and my colleagues and I fight to ensure that everyone has a part of this dream, of this place that we have built together.

This is our City. Together, we will work to ensure that it remains the greatest place on Earth.


Melissa Mark-Viverito
Speaker of the New York City Council

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