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District 17

Rafael Salamanca Jr.

Concourse Village, Crotona Park East, East Tremont, Hunts Point, Longwood, Melrose, Morrisania, Port Morris, West Farms, North Brother Island, South Brother Island

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Casita Maria Educational Kitchen Space

A kitchen renovation, including installation of new cabinetry, sink, stove/hot plate, and kitchen equipment.


928 Simpson Street

Votes: 689

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Hunts Point Recreation Center Upgrades

Updated with exercise machines, equipment and increase the space for physical activity.


765 Manida Street

Votes: 454

M.S. 424X Stairs Lighting

Exterior lighting of stairwells to increase safety surrounding this school.


730 Bryant Avenue

Votes: 332

Bronx Charter School for the Arts Technology

55 Chromebooks for students, 20 laptops for teachers, 12 Smart Boards, 2 TVs, sound system and video camera.


950 Longfellow Avenue

Votes: 400

M.S. 302X Girls Prep Academy Auditorium Renovation

Full renovation of the auditorium.


681 Kelly Street

Votes: 942

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 352X Sensory Room

Construction of a sensory room to be utilized by students with special needs and who are visually or verbally impaired.


984 Faile Street

Votes: 258

P.S. 161X Library Renovation

Students need an updated media library center.


628 Tinton Avenue

Votes: 186

Concourse Village Elementary School Library

Would allow for a classroom to be converted into a library for elementary school students.


750 Concourse Village West

Votes: 172

P.S. 352X Smartboards for all Classrooms

Smartboards for all classrooms.


984 Faile Street

Votes: 161

I.S. 116X Auditorium Upgrades

The auditorium needs a working sound, projection & light system; the chairs are in need of replacement/upgrades.


977 Fox Street

Votes: 116

P.S. 67X Gymnasium Renovation

Separate the gym so that younger children have a separate play area than the older students.


2024 Mohegan Avenue

Votes: 200

Forest Avenue Campus Auditorium Upgrades

The building’s auditorium is in need of renovations for lighting, curtains, the sound system and seating for students.


778 Forest Avenue

Votes: 110

PS. 75X Auditorium Air Conditioning

Central AC for school auditorium.


984 Faile Street

Votes: 157

P.S. 75X Playground

Complete refurbishment of the playground on the grounds.


984 Faile Street

Votes: 145

New Benches- St. Mary’s Housing Development

Grounds renovation with new benches and other upgrades.


St. Mary’s Park Houses

Votes: 252

Parks and Recreation
Tree Guards at Vidalia Park

New trees with tree guards in and around the park.


East 180 Street between Daly and Vyse Avenues

Votes: 231