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District 17

Rafael Salamanca Jr.

Concourse Village, Crotona Park East, East Tremont, Hunts Point, Longwood, Melrose, Morrisania, Port Morris, West Farms, North Brother Island, South Brother Island

Winning Projects:

Public SafetyFunded
Security Cameras (ARGUS)

Install four overhead ARGUS cameras that will help to monitor and prevent criminal activity.

168th Street and Union Avenue, Longwood


Votes: 340

Smart Classrooms for 5 Schools in the South Bronx

This funding would include the purchasing of smart boards, desktops, laptops and printers.

P.S. 75, P.S. 93, P.S. 130, P.S. 217 and P.S. 352

$175, 000

Votes: 353

Playground Improvements for M.S. 302

Funding will be utilized to provide for a complete playground renovation and reconstruction at M.S. 302 in Longwood.

681 Kelly Street


Votes: 758

Bathroom Updates

Bathrooms renovations for two facilities in the school building.

730 Bryant Avenue, Hunts Point


Votes: 281

The following projects were not funded:

Parks and Recreation
Vidalia Park Concrete Loop Replacement

Funding would be utilized for concrete work at the Vidalia Park loop in the West Farms-East Tremont area.

Vidalia Park


Votes: 97

Parks and Recreation
Scoreboard for Bill Rainey Park

Install a new scoreboard for the athletic fields and the electrical power needed for the board.

Bill Reiney Park, Longwood


Votes: 130

Parks and Recreation
Renovate Hill and Dale Playground

Create new drainage, play equipment and safety surface matting and removal of the existing concrete structures.

Playground #5, Crotona Park


Votes: 195

Parks and Recreation
New Rod-Iron Fencing at Rock Garden Park

Funding will be utilized for new rod-iron fencing along Bryant Avenue and Longfellow Avenue around the Rock Garden Park.

Hiawatha Garden in Crotona Park East


Votes: 120

Parks and Recreation
Lighting for the Alfred E. Smith Athletic Fields

Provide overhead lighting for the athletic fields to allow the community to further utilize the facilities after dark.

Alfred E. Smith Athletic Fields


Votes: 255

P.S. 60 Playground Waterworks

Construction of a new waterworks play area that will allow for interactive water features.

888 Rev. Jame A. Polite Avenue


Votes: 213