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Effective: June 13, 2022

  1. Source of Authority. These procedures are established by the Speaker pursuant to state Public Officers Law § 103-a(2)(b), and as authorized by the adoption of Resolution No. 204 by the New York City Council.
  2. Amendment. These procedures may be amended by the Speaker at any time consistent with state Public Officers Law, Article 7, provided that such amendments shall not be effective until they are posted publicly on the New York City Council’s website.
  3. Scope. These procedures apply to all meetings of the New York City Council.
  4. Public Attendance. Except for such meetings or portions of meetings that are permitted to be closed to the public pursuant to the Public Officers Law, Article 7, the public shall be permitted to attend any meeting at the publicly noticed physical location for such meeting. At any meeting at which the public is permitted to participate, the public may also attend and participate via videoconferencing.
  5. Member Remote Attendance. Members may attend and participate at meetings remotely via videoconferencing provided that:
    1. A quorum of the body is present at the publicly noticed physical location for such meeting; and
    2. The Member submits a request in writing to the Speaker’s Office explaining in detail the extraordinary circumstances which preclude their in-person attendance, including disability, illness, caregiving responsibilities, or any other significant or unexpected factor or event; and
    3. Such request is approved by the Speaker’s Office.
  6. Record of Remote Attendance. The written explanation submitted by the Member, if approved, shall be made part of the record for such meeting, and posted on the Council’s webpage for such meeting, provided that it may be redacted or summarized to protect any persons’ medical information, personal information related to minors, and to protect any persons’ safety. Where a vote is taken, it shall be clearly recorded which members, if any, voted remotely.
  7. Powers Reserved. The Speaker reserves the power, pursuant to state Public Officers Law, to waive the in-person requirements for any or all of the meetings of the New York City Council during a state disaster or local state of emergency declaration if the Speaker determines that the circumstances necessitating such declaration would affect or impair the ability of the Council to hold an in person meeting.