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New York City’s growing population and jobs far outpace available homes and have increased rents to historic highs. This shortage must be addressed by building more affordable housing at deeper levels of affordability under a Fair Housing Framework that ensures every neighborhood equitably contributes to housing development. In addition, the city’s current land use process often occurs on an ad-hoc basis, lurching from project to project with little grounding in the needs of communities. This limits utilization of the full array of cohesive policy tools at our disposal to address the housing crisis and achieve inclusive solutions for neighborhoods.

Speaker Adrienne Adams’ Planning and Land Use Toolkit and Housing Agenda to Confront the City’s Crisis contribute actionable guidance towards comprehensive planning and sound policies to address our housing crisis. The Planning and Land Use Toolkit serves as a principled guide and set of options for Council Members, local communities, land use applicants, and city agencies to employ for successful outcomes that balance citywide goals with neighborhood needs in development. The Housing Agenda outlines key actions the Council will prioritize to build more housing fairly and responsibly, deepen affordability, preserve existing housing, and restore the necessary capacity of housing agencies.

Speaker Adams’ Planning and Land Use Guidelines + Application Toolkit

Speaker Adams’ Housing Agenda to Confront the City’s Crisis