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This plan is a combination of zoning changes, service commitments, capital investment, and economic development strategies which affect areas of Council Member Daniel Garodnicks’s 4th District.

City Council Modification (Word)

City Planning Commission Report and Proposed Zoning Text (PDF)

What specific land use actions will the City Council review?

The Charter gives the Council the power to approve, modify, or disapprove certain land use actions contained within the proposal. Here are the land use actions that will be reviewed:

Zoning text amendment:
  • The new East Midtown Subdistrict is established within the Special Midtown District. The proposed subdistrict would supersede the existing Grand Central Subdistrict, and would allow for increased floor area ratios (FARs) between 18.0 and 27.0.
  • The proposed amendment would establish a framework for new development on sites that are near transit stations and along wide streets. The greatest density would be permitted around Grand Central Terminal and other transit areas with lesser densities along avenues.
  • The development framework would provide greater opportunity for landmarked properties to transfer unused development rights throughout the Subdistrict and would provide district-wide public realm improvements.
Zoning map amendment:
  • The rezoning would replace the existing C5-2 district with a C5-3 district, and also extend the Special Midtown District and the East Midtown Subdistrict over the proposed C5-3 district in the area bounded by East 43rd Street, 2nd Avenue, East 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue.