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In response to a groundswell of advocacy, Council Members Brad Lander and Steve Levin committed to supporting the release of an independent racial equity study on the Gowanus Neighborhood Plan. Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) retained Professor Lance Freeman of Columbia University to work with Council Land Use division staff, whose role is to provide technical and policy development support to the City Council, to develop methodology and undertake the study. This report on the Gowanus proposal is a first attempt at complying with the spirit of the recently enacted Intro 1572-B which will require the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Department of City Planning to create an “Equitable Development Data Tool” with citywide, boroughwide, and community-level data on six categories. disaggregated by race/ethnicity where available. Beginning in June 2022, applicants for most rezonings and other land use actions will be required to use this new tool to prepare Racial Equity Reports describing how the proposed project relates to the City’s goals and strategies for affirmatively furthering fair housing and promoting equitable access to opportunity. Analyzing racial equity in planning is a complex task with many potential methodologies and we hope this report helps to advance the discussion and support the goal of increasing racial equity in our planning and development policy.