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District 47

Justin Brannan

Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Sea Gate and parts of Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and Gravesend

In 2017, Council Member Brannan sought input from residents about their priorities, quality of life concerns, and commuting.

What should the Council Member’s top priorities be?

Based on a survey conducted by Council Member Brannan’s office, public transportation is the top concern for residents of District 43, followed closely by public schools, public safety / quality of life, homelessness, protecting new immigrants, the opioid epidemic, and income inequality.

Survey Responses

What Quality of Life issues are most important to you?

The quality of life issue, or concern related to the well-being of residents, that are the highest importance to those in District 43, are improvements to our parks and public space. Other important issues are motor vehicle traffic and speeding, public safety, access to arts and culture, and lack of street parking.

Survey Responses

How do you usually commute?

Residents in District 43 commute primarily by subway. So it is no surprise that public transportation would top the list of concerns for residents. The second and third most popular mode for commuting is by car, and then bus.

Survey Responses