STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — In a move meant to rein in superfluous expenditure, City Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli is set to introduce a new bill that will force New York City’s agencies to be more transparent when it comes to spending on capital projects.

The bill, which the Republican lawmaker intends to introduce on Thursday, would require the city to prominently post large signs at construction sites that identifies what projects are happening, which agencies are responsible for them, and indicate any cost and schedule variances.

The signs would be required to be updated at least monthly, and must also provide a phone numbers and website links for more information about the projects, delays and expenses.

Borelli was spurred by his frustration over incomplete projects and an alleged mismanagement of funds, including a projected $6 million bathroom facility slated for a park in his district.

“There has been nothing but lip service from the past two administrations on reforming the capital budget process, and yet, believe it or not, most other cities don’t have these multi-year boondoggles and massive price tags,” Borelli told the Advance/ “We set a new bar.”

Additionally, Borelli plans to introduce a second bill that, if passed, would create a new 15-person task force that would reform the city’s capital construction system. The task force would be made up of seven council members, five mayoral appointees and the commissioners of the Buildings Department, Parks Department and Department of Housing Preservation and Development.