The latest announcement from the Biden administration that the Internal Revenue Service is hiring roughly 87,000 agents should be a terrifying wakeup call for the entire country. This new influx of agents – nearly half the size of the US Marine Corps – should be seen as nothing short of an attempt by the President and his cronies to further their war against the middle and working classes. Recent postings online – since deleted by the IRS – asked that individuals applying for some of the new special agent roles “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary,” and maintain a high level of physical fitness. Do we really need an armed, physically fit individual out there busting some kids trying to make a few extra bucks during the summer cutting lawns, or kicking down the door of a tenant trying to pay his rent via Venmo? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The IRS is looking to hire 87,000 new recruits, including thousands of armed agents, in the coming decade

And don’t let their rationale that they are only going to be targeting the top 1% fool you either: according to a report released by the bipartisan Joint Committee on Taxation released last August, the bulk of the money believed to be underreported by the IRS – as much as 90% of it, in fact – supposedly comes from people making under $200,000. That’s where this new legion of bureaucrats will be looking first.

And not only that, but tax agents have a proven track record of being used by the government to go after rivals. In 1960, the IRS and the State of Alabama accused the Reverend Martin Luther King of falsifying his tax records. In 1974, the Bill of Impeachment against Richard Nixon alleged that the former President “endeavoured to… cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.” The list goes on and on, and this latest expansion gives the current administration all-new capabilities to wield the IRS like a cudgel against its opposition with impunity. The Biden administration is fully channeling the ghosts of tyrants past with these new hires – hires which, again, will inevitably be used to further weaken the American middle class and directly target and intimidate political rivals. They say history repeats itself, and we may be seeing something of an early 20th century replay here in the 21st: Lenin, Stalin, Joe Biden – all empowered government agencies under the auspices of protecting the common person, and all dramatically abused that power.

If Biden and his ilk were truly interested in protecting the American people, they would have taken the money they’re using to hire this army of IRS agents, and instead put it towards armed school guards. It’s no secret that parents across the country send their children off to class every day with a little fear in mind, worrying about the possibility of another Uvalde taking place in their hometown. And when another shooting does inevitably go down, we can be sure that Kamala and Joe will be out there, offering hollow words of condolence while doing nothing at all to actually prevent the problem. Sure, maybe they’ll prattle on about the NRA and promise stricter background checks, but that does little if the assailant is able to get a firearm from less-than-legal sources.

What we should have is a federally funded program that trains outgoing military veterans and sets them up with jobs in schools across the country. For the amount of money we are spending on hiring IRS agents, we could instead work to both make a dent in the issue of veteran homelessness by providing mentally fit ex-service members with solid career opportunities close to their hometowns, and safeguard our children by ensuring that there is a protector in every school.

If there was an armed school security agent in every school building – an agent who is fully and properly trained in how to react to and engage with a school shooter – I think that we’d all feel a little bit more at ease when we send our kids off in the morning. Instead of doing something like that, which would make sense, the administration is instead putting a staggering $80 billion dollars over the course of the next decade to investigate what the American people are doing with their money.