Corona, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya issued the following statement regarding the Department of Buildings’ decision to accept a zoning challenge against the Target slated to open at The Shoppes at 82nd Street:

“It’s been obvious from day one that the Target slated to open at the Shoppes at 82nd Street near the border of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights would have devastating effects on local businesses and the character of these neighborhoods. I have no monopoly on this perspective — it would have been clear to anyone who had asked. This project is and has always been unwanted in our community and deeply unpopular among nearly every resident I’ve spoken with about it. Furthermore, the Target does not conform to this property’s current zoning and should not proceed. I welcome the zoning challenge and I hope this sets a precedent that major corporations cannot elbow their way into neighborhoods without being called to account.”

The zoning challenge questions whether the Target conforms to a Use Group 6 zoning. In addition to accepting the zoning challenge, the Department of Building’s has issued an intent to revoke the building permit and issue a stop-work order.