Council Member Moya will no longer engage in negotiations with the Mayor’s administration on neighborhood rezonings until it creates a rezoning task force charged with addressing the critical pitfalls it continuously ignores.

CITY HALL, NY — The Inwood rezoning marks the second straight neighborhood rezoning in a community of color where this administration used divisive tactics to push its agenda.

For weeks, I’ve listened to concerns on both sides of this rezoning. Organized labor wants good paying jobs, residents want protections from predatory landlords and displacement. These parties are all working-class people who should be fighting together, hand in hand. But today, they are at odds, fighting with one another for fewer and fewer resources. Tell me, who benefits from this division?

This administration is trying to divide the working-class. He is pitting organized labor against low- and middle-class New Yorkers while propping up a system that enriches developers.

We all want growth, but growth that lifts everyone up, not just the developers. A rising tide does not lift all ships — not when some of them are drowning.

That’s why, today, I am calling on the Mayor’s Office to establish a task force to address these concerns. Until this task force is created, I cannot in good conscience continue to negotiate with this administration. I refuse to be an enabler or an accomplice to a system that provides public funding to divide the working-class.