CITY HALL, NY — It has come to my attention that I should clarify some details regarding my decision to pause negotiations with the Mayor’s Office until it creates a task force dedicated to investigating critical issues related to neighborhood rezonings.

This decision is mine alone. I leave it up to the rest of the City Council and the members of the Committee on Land Use and the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises to make their own decisions. They are free to continue negotiating with the administration, but they will do so without me.

This pause in negotiating with the Mayor’s Office relates only to the neighborhood rezonings that the administration has proposed and will not affect spot rezonings.

There are no imminent neighborhood rezonings scheduled to appear before the subcommittee — the next neighborhood rezoning proposal isn’t expected in the subcommittee until the fall, at the earliest — giving the administration months to work out the details with me on establishing a task force. I hope that time isn’t wasted.

I believe this task force is critical to making informed decisions. Good policies come from good data, and we are sorely lacking that with respect to neighborhood rezonings. What we do know is deeply unsettling: This administration has operated under the cloak ending “a tale of two cities” but has in practice turned working-class New Yorkers against themselves while propping up developers.

I refuse to continue participating in conversations where the other side refuses to answer important questions that New Yorkers and the City Council are asking.