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Parks in NYC

In New York City, parks are a great way to escape the bustle, let children play freely, and engage in fun activities with members of the community.

To take advantage of park resources, you have to know what’s available.

Below, you’ll find a series of visual tools built to help increase awareness of the city’s parks.

These tools will allow you to explore upcoming events, discover some of NYC Parks’ facilities and amenities, and learn more about how park maintenance is financed.


Facilities and Events

Parks in NYC

Basketball Courts

Handball Courts


Running Tracks


Barbecue Areas

Food Concessions

Dog Runs & Off Leash Areas

Events in Next 14 Days

Upcoming Events
Event Location Date and Time

Find park amenities

While few parks are large enough to contain multiple amenities, it is important that neighborhoods have equal access to a wide variety of facilities.

The map below allows you to explore and discover what’s in your neighborhood.

Choose between the available options in the legend to see where facilities are located throughout city parks.

When the data is available, specific locations are provided; when not available, the entire park containing the facility is shaded in.

Find events near you

New York City’s parks host great events year-round, but it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening where.

This map, updated daily, shows where and when events are held over the next two weeks, and a short description of the event.

You can find upcoming events near you, or at any park you’d like to visit.

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Maintenance Funding

It’s important that all parks receive enough funding to perform upkeep and maintenance. Many large and heavily-trafficked parks rely on private funding for maintenance and for hosting events.

Private Funding for Parks

There’s often a stark difference between the public maintenance and the private funding these parks receive.

In FY 2018, the greatest contrasts occurred in Manhattan, where Bryant Park received $2,408 in public maintenance funding, compared to $8,584,181 in private funding for the year.

Central Park received significantly more public funding at $446,300, but received $24,717,743 in private funding – by far the most of any park.

Public Funding for Parks

Manhattan parks receive more private funding than parks in other boroughs. This means parks in other boroughs have to rely more on public spending for maintenance.

Prospect Park, for example, received $1,173,653 in public funding – more than double what Central Park received – but only $1,942,874 in private funding – roughly one twelfth of Central Park’s private budget.

Smaller parks and playgrounds received extremely varied amounts of funding, from less than $5,000 in public funding to more than $190,000.

The number and kind of facilities at a park influence this number.

NYC Parks Funding

FY 2018 (July 2017 – June 2018)


NYC Parks Budget
Maintentance and Operations, Total
$420 million


NYC Parks Budget
Maintenance and Operations, Allocated to Individual Parks
$44.7 million


Private Funding
Maintentance and Events
Across All Parks
$71.7 million

NYC Parks Funding: Find Your Park

The map below uses the most recent data available to break down how public spending for 2018 was utilized to perform park maintenance. When available, the map shows the total sum of money a park has received from private funding.
Detailed Funding Info

Technical Appendix

All data related to facilities and events is available on New York City’s Open Data Portal. Financial data was collected from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)’s Annual Report on Park Maintenance and from data made available to the council.

Data on parks properties and facilities does not account for park closure due to construction/improvements.

In some instances, private funding goes to the borough, rather than an individual park. This funding has been left off the Financial data map, but is included in the comparison of total public maintenance and private funding.

Data Sources

Basketball courts
List of basketball courts in NYC parks

Handball courts
List of handball courts in NYC parks

Indoor pools
List of indoor pools in NYC parks

Outdoor pools
List of outdoor pools in NYC parks

Running tracks
List of running tracks in NYC parks

List of playgrounds in NYC parks

Barbecuing areas
List of barbecuing areas in NYC parks

List of concessions, including eateries, in NYC parks

Dog runs and off-leash areas
List of dog runs and off-leash areas in NYC parks

Parks events
List of public events in NYC parks

DPR maintenance spending
Data on maintenance spending in parks

Private park funding
Data on private funding donated to DPR is on file with the City Council

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