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Building off of lessons learned from the spring 2020 COVID surge, and now two years into the pandemic, this hearing would examine the current adequacy of hospital resources and their distribution across the city, the racial, ethnic, and economic disparities that affected healthcare access and outcomes (including access to preventative care), the divisions between private and public hospital systems, the distribution of burdens between those systems and between particular hospitals, the ability of those systems to expand capacity in an emergency, whether the distribution of burdens and inequities were foreseeable and whether they are preventable in the future.

We would approach this hearing with a lens of looking back and examining how the last two years have exposed disparities in access to care.

Legislative Next Steps

What data team found:
– summary findings bulelts

Facilities in NYC

Total Hospitals in NYC
59 Hospitals

Total Supplemental Facilities
2,205 Facilities

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Current State

Facilities, Beds and Closures

Need of the Population

Demographics, Access and Inequities

Possible Hospital Surge Capacity Sites Map

This map, designed by the Council’s Data Operations Unit in partnership with the Land Use Division, provides officials with key insights into potential sites that could be used as secondary locations if hospitals are inundated with a wave of patients and do not have adequate space to accommodate them.

The red cross on white background is the hospital itself, while each other colored dot represents a different type of the facility.

A half mile around each hospital is shown, showcasing the number of facilities near hospitals that could supply over flow beds if needed.

Clicking on a facility provides information about the facility.

The semi-transparent circle represents a half mile radius around the hospital.

Data & Methodology

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Created by the NYC Council Data Team.