In January, Mayor de Blasio presented the City’s Fiscal 2017 Preliminary Budget. We’ve released a response that is largely based on weeks of hearings where standing Council committees heard and discussed testimony from the public and Administration about a range of issues. Our response includes a summary of the concerns expressed during those hearings, as well as recommendations and proposals to address those concerns.

Highlights of what the Council is advocating for

  • Quality legal services for vulnerable immigrants
  • Increasing the City’s youth employment programs to record levels
  • Enhancing Emergency Medical Services
  • Improving parks and roads throughout the boroughs
  • Providing relief from the Commercial Rent Tax for small businesses
  • Expanded funding for the Anti-Gun Violence Initiative
  • More supportive services for informal caregivers
  • Helping foster youth with grants to aid their transition to adulthood
  • Resources to enact reforms to the summons system
  • Strengthening the City’s ability to provide services in a downturn by bolstering its reserves

Read the Full Response (PDF)

Preliminary Budget Hearing Reports