One of the Council’s chief responsibilities is to negotiate the City’s budget with the Mayor. As part of that process, the Council analyzes the Mayor’s proposed Executive Budget.

After the Council submitted its preliminary budget response, the Mayor released in April an updated financial plan for the City. The Council’s leadership and Finance Division continue to analyze this proposed Executive Budget and we are conducting a second round of targeted hearings. This process helps us negotiate with the Mayor on behalf of New Yorkers across the 51 Council districts.

The Mayor’s Executive Budget reflected some of the priorities the Council articulated in its Preliminary Budget Response, including:

  • Bolstering the City’s reserves so it can provide services during a downturn
  • Increasing funds for Emergency Medical Services
  • Investing in Beacon Centers for public school students
  • Strengthening support for homeless families and incarcerated New Yorkers
  • Providing more resources for the Commission on Human Rights
  • Building animal shelters in Queens and the Bronx
  • Renovating firehouses
  • Adding seasonal staff for the City’s parks

However, there are Council priorities that are not addressed in this proposed budget, including:

  • Enhancing legal services for immigrants
  • Meeting the demand for summer and year-round youth employment
  • Providing a realistic plan to stabilize the City’s public hospitals
  • Eliminating all school lunch fees
  • Reducing waitlists for homecare and case management services for the elderly
  • Maintaining and enhancing six-day service at our libraries
  • Building adequate reserves to maintain City services in case of a financial downturn

Reports on the Fiscal 2017 Executive Budget