District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

José Louis Espiritusanto – Chief of Staff, jlouis@council.nyc.gov

Stephanie Miliano – Deputy Chief of Staff, smiliano@council.nyc.gov

Rita Gomez – Director of Constituent Services, rgomez@council.nyc.gov

Allison James – Director of Education & Environmental Policy, ajames@council.nyc.gov

Vladimira Acosta – Special Assistant to the Councilman vacosta@council.nyc.gov

Kiana Diaz – Community Liaison, kdiaz@council.nyc.gov

Juan Pastor Reyes – Community Liaison, jreyes2@council.nyc.gov

Maritza Solano – District Office Manager, msolano@council.nyc.gov