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District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
District Libraries Technology Upgrades

Funding for the technological needs of the branches in the Council District.


District 10 Libraries

Votes: 1,274

Dyckman Houses Building #4 Playground Renovation

Playground renovation, including replacing safety padding, game tables and new sprinkler fixtures.


3732 10th Avenue; Front of Building #4

Votes: 980

Dyckman Houses Community Center ADA Ramp

Make community center accessible to residents and community members.


3782 10th Avenue between 202nd and 203rd Streets

Votes: 959

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 173 Auditorium Technology Upgrade

Auditorium technology upgrade.


306 Fort Washington Avenue

Votes: 718

P.S. 48 Playground Renovation

Playground renovation.


4360 Broadway

Votes: 746

George Washington High School Weight Training

Facility to support physical education and sports through weight training equipment and renovation.


549 Audubon Avenue

Votes: 585

Sound System for WHEELS Auditorium

Upgraded sound system for WHEELS.


511 West 182nd Street

Votes: 462

Dyckman Houses Building #3 Park Renovation

Renovation including replace safety padding, new jungle gym, furniture and new sprinkler fixtures.


195 Nagle Avenue

Votes: 892

Dyckman Houses New Park Game Tables

Replace game tables.


3732 10th Avenue

Votes: 499

Dyckman Houses Community Center Outside Drainage

Replace drainage system outside community center. Accumulated water goes into the community center.

$500,000 .

3782 10th Ave between 202nd and 203rd Streets

Votes: 922

Parks & Recreation
Northern Basketball Court Wallenberg Playground

Includes excavation, drainage, fencing, backstops, paving and seal coating.


Wallenberg Playground

Votes: 789