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District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Winning Projects:

Real Time Passenger Information

Bus countdown clocks with live timing of bus arrivals district-wide. Allows for better time-management for everyone.

Department of Transportation determines


Votes: 1,227

Parks & RecreationFunded
Street Trees and Tree Guards in the Heights and Inwood

Add trees to corridors where they’re most lacking; protect new and young trees with tree guards throughout the community.

Streets with too few trees or tree guards


Votes: 1,416

Air Conditioner for Castle Bridge and P.S. 128

These schools lack essential AC as summer heat can make learning difficult. This grant would provide AC in some spaces.

560 West 169th Street


Votes: 1,395

Science Carts for P.S. 178

Tools and technology will enrich STEM education for the students of this Title-1 K-5 school, many with disabilities.

P.S. 178, 12 Ellwood Street


Votes: 1,770

Laptops for Low Income Students

Laptops for 600 low-income middle school and high school students because a good education matters.

P.S. M293 at West 196th Street Salome Urena Campus


Votes: 1,792

The following projects were not funded:

Bus Pads

Flexible concrete under paved road to ensure the quality and safety of bus stops for both passengers and buses.

Department of Transportation determines


Votes: 583

Parks & Recreation
Repair Emerson Playground Water Fountain Drainage

The runoff results in patches of standing water that disrupts walkways and foster mosquito breeding in summer months.

Inwood Hill Park, Emerson Playground


Votes: 913

Parks & Recreation
Restore Water to Sir William’s Dog Run

Over 300 local dogs that play here will finally get water breaks, their humans and other park users will benefit, too.

Fort Tryon Park


Votes: 627

Parks & Recreation

Free outdoor gym with fitness equipment for people of all ages in a safe environment, ADA accessible.

“The Pit” at 167th Street and Edgecomb Avenue


Votes: 896

Parks & Recreation
Make the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum ADA Accessible

Colonial farmhouse is a reminder of early Manhattan. A ramp allows all community members to access this cultural landmark.

Museum on the corner of Broadway and 204th Street


Votes: 862

Smartboards or Laptops for J.H.S. 52, P.S. 98 and P.S./M.S. 278

Allow these schools to purchase updated technology so that their students have access to essential learning resources.

J.H.S. 52 Academy Street, P.S. 98, and P.S./M.S. 278


Votes: 1,128

WHEELS/I.S. 143 Athletic Facilities Upgrade

Bleachers, a fitness center and locker rooms installed in a 52 year old DOE building used by I.S. 143, WHEELS and Alianza.

WHEELS/I.S. 143, 511 West 182nd Street


Votes: 1,178

Recording Studio- H.S. for Media and Communications

Recording Studio would musically enrich the general and disabled students while providing tools for a career in the Arts.

549 Audobon Avenue


Votes: 899

New Stage and Auditorium Curtains at Inwood Academy

Replace torn curtains for the stage and auditorium with new fire retardant curtains for improved safety and acoustics.

Inwood Academy Middle School, 433 West 204th Street


Votes: 682