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District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Winning Projects:

Parks & RecreationFunded
Get Fit for Free

Votes: 1019 | Cost: $250,000

Free outdoor fitness equipment: pull up and dip bars, benches, and more; because health and fitness for our youth and people of all ages and abilities in a safe environment matters. ADA accessible.

Science/Media Labs for D6 STEAM Center

Votes: 1170 | Cost: $350,000

K-8 students across all District 6 will benefit from hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and math; open weekends & evenings for the full community.

P.S. 152/M. 178 Playground Upgrade

Votes: 1015 | Cost: $500,000

Kids have many accidents at this unsafe playground. Safe new ground padding and 2 new play structures would serve both schools and children in the neighborhood currently without a nearby playground.

The following projects were not funded:

Real Time Passenger Information

Votes: 463 | Cost: $200,000

Bus countdown clocks with live timing of bus arrivals district-wide. Would allow for better time-management for people without access to technology.

Bus Pads

Votes: 511 | Cost: $320,000

Flexible concrete under paved road to ensure the quality and safety of bus stops for both passengers and buses.

Parks & Recreation
Repair & Fitness Area: Sunken Playground

Votes: 453 | Cost: $485,000

Tons of kids and families use this park, but “the Pit” needs some major TLC. Vote to transform the playground–add exercise equipment, repaint basketball courts, repair the stairs and more!

Parks & Recreation
Keep it Cool A/C Installation

Votes: 780 | Cost: $400,000

Installation of central air conditioning unit for Salome Urena Campus auditorium and cafeteria used by over 10 low income schools and community base organization in the district.

The Dyckman Houses Basketball Upgrades!

Votes: 501 | Cost: $500,000

Build COMMUNITY through events/games. Build DREAMS and create opportunities for scholarships/viewing scouts. Ensure deserved safety on these courts through this needed upgrade!

Marble Hill (Houses) Playground Upgrades

Votes: 383 | Cost: $500,000

Safety measures desperately needed-playground is outdated and dangerous. All children deserve a safe place to play. This upgrade will increase outdoor activity and therefore has real health benefits.

Dyckman Houses Playground Renovation

Votes: 470 | Cost: $350,000

Children are the future and need space to grow creatively and socially! Updating safety surfacing and structures for the playground will impact over 300 families including yours and your children!

WHEELS/ I.S. 143 Athletic Facilities Upgrade

Votes: 771 | Cost: $400,000

The WHEELS/I.S143 building hosts athletic teams, programs & events. Facilities are substandard lacking bleachers, fitness center & locker rooms despite more than 15 teams and programs using the facility.

Laptops for M.293

Votes: 793 | Cost: $225,000

Laptops and carts for 600 low-income middle school and high school students in support of college and career readiness because education matters.

Board of Ed. 1st Recording Studio JHS 143

Votes: 446 | Cost: $300,000

J.H.S 143 Recording Studio would musically enrich the general and special education students, providing them with the necessary steps to establish a foundation for an influential musical career.