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District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez

Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill

Winning Projects:

Parks & RecreationFunded
Highbridge Community Garden

A Community food garden! People working together growing crops from seed to harvest results in neighborhood pride, ownership, education, benefits of physical activity and we get fresh healthy food.

Highbridge Park- South of Pool


Votes: 531

Parks & RecreationFunded
Outdoor Fitness Center

Free exercise equipment provide community health: pull-up bars, rings, jump boxes, chest press, leg extensions & more! Get out in the sun, get moving and take in the inspiring view of the GW Bridge!

Dyckman Fields, Hudson River


Votes: 585

WHEELS Playground Installation

WHEELS Elementary has recess in a fenced concrete yard which will be transformed by this proposal to a playground with a safe surface, structure and hoops. Support our children and neighborhood school.

511 West 182nd Street


Votes: 537


Dos Puentes/ P.S. 132 Playground

This is a co-located school without a playground, giving no safe area to hold recess. New fencing and a play structure will help to provide for two safe areas for kids to play!

185 Wadsworth Avenue


Votes: 483

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Fort Washington Library Facade

Fort Washington Library facade repairs are essential to the preservation of a building built in April 1914 with funds generously allocated by Andrew Carnegie.

535 West 179th Street


Votes: 410

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Inwood Hill Chessboards

These chessboards are necessary to establish an adult chess community near the Emerson Playground. Support the adult members of the community by providing them a safe, permanent place to play chess.

Near Emerson Playground


Votes: 297

P.S. 152 and P.S. 178 Playground Partnership

A collaboration for two schools as well as the rest of the community. With only one severely outdated play structure currently in place, this upgrade is needed for the safety of our children!

Hillside Avenue and Ellwood Street


Votes: 389

P.S. 218/M.S. 322/M.S. 293 Auditorium Upgrade

An auditorium is shared by these schools, and currently relies on outdated technology. The upgrade will enhance all events held within the school and encourage further utilization of the space.

4600 Broadway at 196th Street


Votes: 273

Amistad & Muscota Plumbing Upgrade

In bathrooms at this co-located school, most children are not strong enough to flush the toilets and use the sinks. Support the health and sanitation of this school by supporting these upgrades.

4862 Broadway


Votes: 455

J.H.S. 143 Recording Studio

J.H.S. 143 recording studio would musically enrich the general and special education students, providing them with the necessary steps to establish a foundation for an influential musical career.

515 West 182nd Street


Votes: 267

Parks & Recreation
Audubon Playground Upgrade

This space is used by P.S. 128, Castle Bridge and many community members. Re-fencing and pee-wee hoops will update this playground to increase activity and safety for our Washington Heights youth!

Audubon Avenue between 169th and 170th Streets


Votes: 326

Parks & Recreation
Highbridge Park Anti-Dumping Fencing

Combat illegal dumping and preserve the forest interior at Highbridge Park with fencing to protect problem areas. Preserve this beautiful natural resource for a new generation of park users.

Fort George Hill to 191st Street


Votes: 388