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District 16

Vanessa L. Gibson

Claremont, Concourse, Concourse Village, Highbridge, Morris Heights, Mount Eden, Morrisania

Winning Projects:

Public SafetyFunded
Security Cameras

Cameras to be placed in this area to increase public safety.

Featherbed Lane & Martin Luther King Blvd.


Playground Renovation at Butler Houses

Replacement of playground equipment, safety mats and slides for improvement of the playground.

1402 Webster Avenue


Audio/Visual Tech. Upgrade for Girls Prep. Academy

New Audio & Visual technology for the auditorium.

890 Caldwell Avenue


SmartBoards & Laptop Carts at Bronx School for LGJ

Five laptop carts and the installation of smart board technology to improve and advance the classroom experience.

244 East 163rd Street


The following projects were not funded:

Countdown Clocks with Bustime Technology

Installation of countdown clocks at local bus stops to indicate bus arrival times.

Community Board 4


Ground Renewal at NYCHA Claremont Group 5 Houses

Beautifying and leveling the ground to create a play area with benches and chess tables for the neighborhood.

1131 Findlay Avenue


Technology for P.S. 199

Interactive white boards and computers for the students at P.S. 199.

1449 Shakespeare Avenue


Laptop Carts for FLACS M.S. & FLACS I

Two laptop carts for each school to increase students` technological capabilities and accessibility.

316 E.165th Street; 14 W. 170th Street