FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26th, 2021

CONTACT: Michael / 646-940-0119

“HerStory was made today with the announcement that my dear friend Meisha Ross Porter will serve as the first Black woman Schools Chancellor for the City of New York. Meisha is one of us, a native New Yorker, and educated in our public schools. She has the commitment, compassion and conviction to make a difference. She stands in her purpose knowing the path that has led her to great success allows her a unique opportunity to lead 1.1 million public school children, educators and administrators for such a time as this.

We are in a crisis like never before, with many of our students, families and educators left traumatized by the COVID-19 pandemic and we need effective leadership to guide us through this challenging time. I am extremely proud of her achievements and know she has the passion, plan and purpose to lead. From our work in School District 9 on Equity and Excellence, to the many ribbon cuttings at new schools, countless events, forums, town halls and partnerships we have embarked on, brighter and better days lie ahead under the leadership of our next Schools Chancellor, Meisha Ross Porter!”