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District 33

Stephen T. Levin

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Fulton Ferry, Greenpoint, Vinegar Hill, Williamsburg.

Winning Projects:

Safer Pedestrian Crossings on Meeker Avenue

This high-speed corridor has seen 3 fatalities and 104 serious injuries in the last 3 years. Sidewalk extensions will be installed at 3 intersections to decrease crossing distances and increase safety.

Lorimer, Manhattan and Graham Avenues; Greenpoint and Williamsburg


Votes: 700

NYCHA Playground/Active Space Renovation

Independence Towers and Wyckoff Gardens: The ball courts and playgrounds at these neighborhood play areas have damaged equipment and falling apart fences. Help give these neighborhood spaces a lift!

114 Taylor Street and 185 Nevins Street, South Williamsburg and Gowanus


Votes: 856

The following projects were not funded:

Greenway Sidewalk Reconstruction

Sidewalk repairs between Kent and Flushing Avenue. Improve conditions and create access for wheelchair users and others to the former naval Hospital Cemetery- soon to become a public recreational space!

Williamsburg Street West, South Williamsburg


Votes: 497

Preserving Historic Street Lamps

Historic street lamps have illuminated Atlantic Avenue for 30+ years and many lamps have been damaged and removed. Eleven street lamps need to be replaced to restore the avenue to its former beauty.

Atlantic Avenue Court Street-4th Avenue, Boerum Hill


Votes: 316

Green Space Landscaping and Beautification

Community green space is neglected- there are exposed pipes jutting into what should be a play area! There is enormous need for landscaping, trees and plants, which can improve these garden spaces.

Taylor/Wythe/Independence/Berry, South Williamsburg


Votes: 792

Lighting and Accessibility for All!

Increase safety and quality of life for residents as well as neighbors of Williams Plaza by improving development lighting and remedying needed entrance accessibility problems.

325 Roebling Street, South Williamsburg


Votes: 530

Mic Check!

This project will fund new sound system equipment in Brooklyn High School of the Arts and in Van Arsdale High School. Five schools share two auditoriums that haven’t been upgraded in 15 years.

345 Dean Street and 257 North 6th Street, Williamsburg and Boerum Hill


Votes: 248

P.S. 31: Upgrade Our Computer lab!

our 15-year-old computers are older than our students, and our printers are broken. Please vote to completely upgrade our technology program by funding new computers and printers for our 600 students.

75 Meserole Avenue, Greenpoint


Votes: 476

P.S. 110: Install Modern Technology

Help us provide STEM science-appropriate classroom technology for our students. The most central place to get the ball rolling is state-of-the-art smart boards. Please vote to help us meet our goals.

124 Monitor Street, Greenpoint


Votes: 656

P.S. 38 and M.S. 447: Bathrooms that Work

You say the flushers and faucets don’t work? Ick! Please vote to upgrade these facilities that are used by 1,000 students each day, If you do, we’ll have safer, cleaner, more sustainable bathrooms.

450 Pacific Street and 345 Dean Street, Boerum Hill


Votes: 661

P.S. 307: Build a 21st Century Library

Our library hasn’t been updated since it was built in 1966. Help upgrade our old space and outdated technology wit ha media center that will include new technology and a comfortable space to learn.

209 York Street, Vinegar Hill


Votes: 391

P.S. 16: Re-Pave our Schoolyard

Our schoolyard is old, cracked and becoming unsafe. Help us create a safe play area for our students during recess and for events like our annual dance festival. Vote to re-pave our schoolyard.

157 Wilson Street, South Williamsburg


Votes: 336

Khalil Gilbran High School: Give us Electricity

What good is our new technology if we do not have the power to turn it on? Please vote to bring more power to our school.

362 Schermerhorn Street, Boerum Hill