NEW YORK – Council Member Rory I. Lancman, chair of the Committee on the Justice System, issued the following statement in response to a ruling from U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres mandating a proposal for a new pilot project for NYPD officers to use body-worn cameras earlier in encounters with the public, during so-called Level 1 Stops. Level 1 stops occur where officers have an objective credible reason to stop an individual and request information but may not seek permission to search or ask accusatory questions. In 2015, Council Member Lancman wrote a letter to Judge Torres urging her to require the NYPD to document low-level stops.


“I commend Judge Torres for ordering this important pilot project. As I noted in 2015, low-level encounters play a critical role in community-police relations, and it is therefore imperative that these interactions are reported and information is provided to the public. It is my hope that this pilot project will lay the foundation for how body-worn cameras can be used to increase transparency and accountability while building trust between police and the communities they serve.”